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How to Win at Online Roulette

Playing online roulette is very easy and convenient these days. You just have to switch on your computer, make a deposit at an online casino and start playing. But just like in a land-based casino, if you lose yourself into gambling, you could end up empty-handed. So before you start crushing the online roulette table, check out our five tips to improve your odds.

Roulette Welcome Bonus

Every online casino gives out welcome bonuses to attract new players. The amount and offers can vary from casino to casino. In an online casino with good welcome bonus, you can get up to 100% of your deposit back up to $500 or 50% back up to $1000. It is different for every casino, but you need to understand the wager requirements also. “How much minimum wager do they ask for, and on what games and the time frame”? – All these need to be considered. Make sure you are betting on games which will finally lead to online roulette.

Roulette Best Odds

Online roulette table odds remain the same as betting on at a land based casino roulette table. You need to consider the odds statistically and play with the best ones. Many new players go for a big bet on a single number. But betting small amounts on multiple numbers ensures a win. Playing a single number may not give you a win even once. Moreover, it is easier to win by playing the outside bets. There is also house edge to be considered. It is recommended that you play European roulette because it only has 37 numbers and its house edge stands only at 2.7%. While for the American roulette with 38 numbers, it stands at 5.26%.

European Roulette Bets Payout Odds

European Roulette Bets Payout Odds
Even 1:1 48.6%
Odd 1:1 48.6%
Red 1:1 48.6%
Black 1:1 48.6%
1-18 1:1 48.6%
19-36 1:1 48.6%
1-12 2:1 32.4%
13-24 2:1 32.4%
25-36 2:1 32.4%
Single Number 35:1 2.7%
Combination of 2 Numbers 17:1 5.4%
Combination of 3 Numbers 11:1 8.1%
Combination of 4 Numbers 8:1 10.8%
Combination of 6 Numbers 5:1 16.2%

Trustworthy Online Casinos

There are so many casinos online that it is difficult to tell which ones are good. So do your research before signing up with your hard-earned money. Play only at the sites which have been tested for their safety and security. While playing the online roulette, you should have the assurance that your credit card details are safe. Any online casino with a UK or Malta gaming license
should be trustworthy.

Bet What You Can Afford

The money rules apply even to the online casinos. Never bet more than you can afford to lose. To make sure that you don’t lose your household money while betting, set up a different gambling account in a different bank. You can also make a ‘ceiling amount’ for the night, beyond which you stop playing. Make sure that you don’t overstretch your funds and stick to your budget while playing roulette. Common sense is your best friend when you are gambling.

Casino Always Has An Edge

Casinos are also a form of business, and they need to earn. But that does not mean that the house always wins, and the players always lose. People win hundreds of thousands of dollars many times. It is essential to understand that the number of losers is more numerous than the winners.

Online roulette is a game which should be played for entertainment. The house always wins in the end – no matter what strategy you employ.

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  1. Lilly
    Lilly March 22, 2018

    I dont think its possible to play european roulette in the US

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