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Why You Are Playing Roulette Wrong!

Roulette can be exciting and has always been very popular among the casino players. But the new players usually make some common roulette mistakes which have the power to eat away their entire bankroll in just one minute. Being aware of those mistakes, the players can turn roulette into a positive experience.

Common Roulette Mistakes

Avoiding the below-described four common roulette mistakes can, in fact, turn you into a winner. Check these out now.


Roulette is a fast-paced game. One of the most common roulette mistakes is to jump into the game with real money. People get desperate for a big fast win and place thoughtlessly big bets just because they can immediately afford it. It is impossible to reason when the adrenaline is rushing through the rough. One or two bad spins and you have your bankroll entirely spent! That is why it is essential to take time out beforehand, make a separate budget for the game and adhere to it in any situation.

Playing American Roulette

Many players don’t do any research and get going in the game. There are three variations to the roulette – American, European and French. The rules for all of them are the same, but the winning probabilities are different for all of them. The odds for the player are worst in American Roulette. So the biggest roulette mistake an amateur player can make is choosing American Roulette for playing. American roulette wheel is played with “00” whereas the European Roulette is not.

Using Betting Systems like Martingale

Using a strategy like a Martingale without understanding it entirely can be harmful to your bankroll. The Martingale strategy says that you double the lost bet in every next bet. But this strategy can only be used by experts who know it inside out and have unlimited funds to wager. If you are working on a budget, you can lose your entire bankroll in just 2 or 3 bets. Such theories need developed skills for implementation. Beginners should not try them without proper research.

Getting Emotional

Another big roulette mistake a player can make is getting emotional and let the game get out-of-hand. That emotion could be of any type – desperation, overconfidence, frustration or anger. This type of emotional playing can cloud the judgment of a player, and ultimately the player starts making mistakes he is not supposed to make. It fastens the loss. Emotions take away calm logic from a person, and that is very dangerous for a gambler. Once you lose sight of the logic, you forget that roulette is entirely based on probability. So whenever you are getting emotional in the middle of a game, it’s essential to bring back in the level-headedness. Take a break, talk to someone, do anything that works for you.

Playing Roulette Wrong

Roulette being a relatively simple game, most beginners take it lightly and start making common roulette mistakes. It can result in major loses. If you want to be in the game for a long time, you need to identify your errors and rectify them as soon as possible.

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  1. Alex
    Alex March 30, 2018

    Ive been playing wrong. I ll give these tips a try

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