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European Roulette Review

When it comes to Roulette, European Roulette is the most played version roulette online. It is mostly because it has a better chance for the players to win. And amongst NetEnts games, this is perhaps the most popular table. The simple and attractive graphics, placing the bets by just mouse clicking and adherence to the European Roulette rules have worked in the developer’s flavour nicely. The look and feel of the table enhance the players’ experience and keep them coming back.

For those who like to combine the online version with a human touch, the developer also developed a live dealer version of the game. There is no criticism to NetEnt when it comes to animation and graphics. Though they are relatively new players in the live dealer versions, they have aced the technology, as usual.

How to Play European Roulette?

NetEnt has kept the graphics very simple. The minimum and maximum bets are visible on the table, and the players can alter the bets to suit their budget. The controls are very simple and easy to use. The game has all the usual options like inside bets, outside bets, special bets and call bets. Players can also save their special betting options in the favourite bets menu.

Once you load the playroom, you have to select your chip size and decide the number on the table on which you want to bet. The players are allowed to bet a maximum of $500. Once you have placed your bet, you wait for other bettors to place theirs and the wheel to spin. Once the number on the wheel is revealed, all winning bets are played automatically.

It is not necessary to place the bet only on one number. You can bet on more than one number. You can also go for the combination bets and all another kind of variations. But on a single number, a maximum of only $500 is allowed.

How to Win European Roulette?

The European Roulette by NetEnt has a billboard on which the players can track the last 500 bets. Which worked and which did not pay. Everything is displayed on the billboard. There also exists a bar chart where the number of Red/Black and Odd/Even bets placed is shown and also has the percentage of games when these bets are won.

You need to study the billboard and the chart and form a strategy of your own. Though whenever a strategy is mentioned, most players choose Martingale System because it is the most famous one. But practically it is not as paying as it says in theory. The game also allows you to view the bets other players have placed. So it is better to study the numbers and move ahead statistically.

European Roulette

The live video feed is flawless, and the game is fun and entertaining. There is an option of live chat so the players can also interact with each other. The gaming giant has provided all kinds of statistics and customizable option to ensure the players are more than satisfied with the game. You can even change the soundtrack and adjust the lightings. I am sure there is nothing more entertaining than this except perhaps the European Championship of Roulette

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