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Category: Roulette

Online Live Casinos – All The Rage!

What is an online live Casino? An online live casino is something special, something else. We know that these games are trendy at the moment and they will be even more desirable shortly. Reasons are simple. They offer the great experience they are fun to use, and they can guarantee you a massive winning. Online Live Casino At first sight, you…

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5 Most Popular Live Roulette Online Games

Live dealer games have become popular amongst punters owing to the entertainment quotient involved and amazing rewards offered. These days, almost all online casinos feature a separate section for live dealer games especially roulette. Live roulette online games involve direct streaming of video in a virtual casino directly from a live dealer using advanced cameras. The game is hosted by a…

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American Roulette Vs. European Roulette

Online roulette is primarily classified into two types – American and European. Although they might look similar to the amateur players, apparently there are huge variations that make one different from the other. Every roulette player around the world suggests that you should always play European Roulette and avoid the American one entirely. But why is that? Experienced players call it…


Why You Are Playing Roulette Wrong!

Roulette can be exciting and has always been very popular among the casino players. But the new players usually make some common roulette mistakes which have the power to eat away their entire bankroll in just one minute. Being aware of those mistakes, the players can turn roulette into a positive experience. Common Roulette Mistakes Avoiding the below-described four common roulette…

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